Every thought about giving advice # We are all different people

People differ a lot in their levels of conscientiousness, extraversion, energy, ambition, curiosity, independence, risk-seeking, fame-seeking, neuroticism, conflict-aversion, obsessiveness, etc. By default, high conscientiousness people don’t understand low conscientiousness people. High extraversion people don’t understand low extraversion people. High energy people don’t understand low energy people. It’s actually worse than that because “high neuroticism” or “high ambition” can actually mean a ton of different things.

While all theories dictate solitude is important for you in that it allows for space to think, to introspect, and generally to maneuver, when you are lacking The Environment that allows you to be by yourself you need to strategize with the resources available. Understanding exactly when and how you feel free and alone helps determine the environments you can generate to fulfill this need. These are the variables of solitude.

1. The Environment

  • The less people in The Environment, and the less they know you, you feel more free. In a train full of people you’re perfectly free to think any thought you want. The more anonymous they are the better.
  • Familiarity allows more freedom. When you have expectations fulfilled there is less need for processing—everything is as-is. This is why you can think better in a room that you completely control and design. You are perfectly familiar with all the furniture, and all the tools required for thinking are accessible.
  • Accessible Thinking Tools. Notebooks. Phones. Computers.

2. Perceptions

  • The more anonymous the better. The less they know you the less you have to care for them. When they become mere background characters in your perception this is ideal
  • Block visual and auditory noise. Simply blocking noise out of sight and hearing helps generate a sense of freedom and solitude. Noise-canceling headphones and curtains will help in this regard.

3. Interpretation

  • Notice how little people actually care about what you’re doing. Fundmental Misunderstanding; Self-Attention. The portion of thought assigned to you in another person’s brain is miniscule.

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When you’re Finally Comfortable Being Alone, then You Are Able to…

When you’re Finally Comfortable Being Alone, then You Are Able to Enjoy Company.

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