Leisure in economics is simply “not working.” Instead, I define positive leisure as: def. Positive Leisure. Positive leisure means two things:

  1. Creating at Leisure. You’re doing “work” that benefits you/others. CGP Grey definition
  2. Leisurely Pace. Making sure life is not rushed, and there is space.
  3. Uneconomic Leisure. Leisure that is not about consumption (i.e. buying things/spending money).

Leisure is about making sure you're life is full of "doing things at your leisure," or going through life at a "leisurely pace."

Positive leisure understands…

  • …that resting in the modern world means mental, not physical relaxation
  • …that leisure is derived from structure
  • …that not doing anything may also be draining

Positive leisure implements the following:

  • Do things at your leisure (=do things as slowly as you want.)
    • Most things can stand being done later
    • Sometimes you have to not give a shit
    • You’re not rushing because you need to, you’re rushing because society pressures you to.
    • Forcibly Slow Down, Set a Very Long Time Slot, etc. Using deliberate slowing down as a strategy for managing stress or overwhelming situations.
  • Productivity#Logistics/Productivity is not against leisure. In fact, productivity is about doing things well and at your leisure.
    • Move between tasks at a leisurely pace
    • When you do this, you have more Slack.
    • Procrastination happens when you fail to combine productivity and leisure well.
  • 감성 cannot exist without emotional peace.
    • Even in turmoil you can have emotional peace, and time to reflect on those feelings.
    • 성민석 says 감성 is what makes life worth living. And it is for you too.
  • Positive leisure often leads to Gratitude
    • It’s easier to enjoy the things (=physical things & immaterial things) you already have.

Creating Positive Leisure

  • Breathe
  • Moving slowly through life
  • If you have too much things to do, either…
    • …remove the offender
    • …increase productivity (get the simple things done fast)

Structured Relaxation (=Leisurely Relaxation)

Find Leisure that either:

  1. Relaxes you fully
    • Sleep, Music, Movie
    • Relaxing on a couch doing nothing
  2. You feel good having done it
    • Reading a book or magazine article
    • New content, e.g. on Netflix, subscribed Youtubers, Mastodon, etc.
      • → These should be your own curation, from people/sources you’ve chosen

Fun and Pleasure is derived from Structure

  • Pleasure and pain is derived not from absolutes [=it isn’t a sliding scale from pleasure to pain] but is an Emergent Phenomena from structures in life.
  • Structure is essential, and doesn’t harm pleasure. It more often actually enhances it.
  • This is fotunate, because this means that Creation Station is not mutually exclusive from pleasure. To achieve both, aim to maintain separation between locations.

Flow Work

  • Happiness Through Achieving the State of ‘Flow’: Seeking happiness in the immersion and engagement of tasks.