Normally it’s human nature from which arises naturally the needs, and capital should be appropriated for

Under the system of private property their significance is reversed. Each person speculates on creating a new need in the other, with the aim of forcing him to make a new sacrifice, placing him in a new dependence and seducing him into a new kind of enjoyment and hence into economic ruin.

Man becomes ever poorer as a man, and needs ever more money if he is to achieve mastery over the hostile being.

and this extends to all aspects of human life

Moreover, the worker has no more than a precarious right to live in it, for it is for him an alien power that can be daily withdrawn and from which, should he fail to pay, he can be evicted at any time. He actually has to pay for this mortuary.

…ultimately our lives are deprived of natural human needs

worker. Light, air, etc. - the simplest animal cleanliness - ceases to be a need for man. […] Dirt - this pollution and putrefaction of man, the sewage of civilization - becomes an element o f life for him.

…and captial even justified this:

The fact that the multiplication of needs and of the means of fulfilling them gives rise to a lack of needs and of means is proved by the political economist:

  1. By reducing the worker’s needs to the paltriest minimum necessary to maintain his physical existence and by reducing his activity to the most abstract mechanical movement.
  2. By taking as his standard - his universal standard, in the sense that it applies to the mass of men - the worst possible state of privation which life (existence) can know.

…and ultimately “saving” or “not feeling” is now a virtue:

Political economy, this science of wealth, is therefore at the same time the science of denial, of starvation, of saving, and it actually goes so far as to save man the need for fresh air or physical exercise.

The less you eat, drink, buy books, go to the theatre, go dancing, go drinking, think, love, theorize, sing, paint, fence, etc., the more you save and the greater will become that treasure which neither moths nor maggots can consume - your capital The less you are, the less you give expression to your life, the more you have, the greater is your alienated life and the more you store up of your estranged life.

Money, Specifically

increases. The need for money is for that reason the real need created by the modem economic system, and the only need it creates.

abstraction above the thing:

Just as it reduces everything to its own form of abstraction, so it reduces itself in the course of its own movement to something quantitative.

and thus this requires its production

this is manifested partly in the fact that the expansion of production and needs becomes the inventive and ever calculating slave of inhuman, refined, unnatural and imaginary appetites - for private property does not know how to transform crude need into human need. Its idealism is fantasy, caprice and infatuation.