“Crude” Communism

The first positive abolition of private property - crude com­ munism - is therefore only a manifestation of the viieness of private property trying to establish itself as the positive com­ munity.

Physical, immediate possession is the only purpose of life and existence as far as this communism is concerned; the category of worker is not abolished but extended to all men […] The crude communist is merely the culmination of this envy and desire to level down on the basis of a preconceived minimum. It has a definite, limited measure.

(2) Communism (a) still of a political nature, democratic or despotic; (b) with the abolition of the state, but still essentially incomplete and influenced by private property, i.e. by the estrange­ ment of man.

Actual Communism

Communism is the positive supersession of Private Property as human self-estrangement, and hence the true appropriation of the human essence through and for man

it is the.genuine resolution of the conflict between man and nature, and between man and man, the true resolution of the conflict between existence and being, between objectification and self-affirmation, between freedom and necessity, between individual and species. It is the solution of the riddle of history and knows itself to be the solution.

and thus

If we characterize communism itself - which because of its character as negation of the negation, as appropriation of the human essence which is mediated with itself through the negation of private property