Nimf-Anthy Installation

How do I restore the default repositories?

하모니 공지 - 하모니카 저장소 공개키 서명 문제 해결방법

하모니카(HamoniKR) 하모니 - apt update시 인증서 문제


software-properties-gtk # open the gui repsitories 
curl -sL | sudo -E bash - # add the Hamonikr repos to apt sources
sudo apt install ca-certificates # update certificate authority files
sudo apt install update # update apt cache
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hodong/nimf # add nimf dev's repo to apt source
# and the logout and back in.

The hamonikr repo and ppa:hodong/nimf has different versions names. The binaries are probably the same but apt will complain about dependency versions. Installing the hodong/nimf repo will resolve the dependency issue.