Unit 1: Theoretical Frameworks

Unit 2: Politics and Poetics of Remembering

  • Space
    • Ariana Vigil, “Heterosexualization and the State: The Poetry of Gloria Anzaldúa”
    • Audrey Yue and Helen Hok-Sze Leung, “Notes towards the queer Asian City: Singapore and Hong Kong”
    • Rae Garringer, “Well, We’re Fabulous and We’re Appalachians, So We’re Fabulachians”
    • Becki L. Ross, “Sex and (Evacuation from) the City: The Moral and Legal Regulation of Sex Workers in Vancouver’s West End, 1975—1985” 2010
  • Memory
    • Rachel Gelfand, “Between Archives” Radical History Review
    • Horacio N. Roque Ramírez, “Sharing Queer Authorities: Collaborating for Transgender Latina and Gay Latino Historical Meaning”
    • Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy, “Telling Tales: Oral History and the Construction of Pre-Stonewall Lesbian History
  • Kinship

Unit 3: Futures & Pasts