Sensuous Activity

Senses define reality…

All his human relations to the world - seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, thinking, contemplating, sensing, wanting, acting, loving - in short, all the organs of his individuality, like the organs which are directly communal in form, are in their objective approach or in their approach to the object the appropriation of that object. This appropriation of human reality, their approach to the object, is the confirmation o f human reality.

…but it’s estranged for now

This material, immediately sensuous private property is the material, sensuous expression of estranged human life. Its move­ment - production and consumption - is the sensuous revelation of the movement of all previous production, i.e. the realization or reality of man.

…and Private Property is a core “sensuous” response by capitalism…

Private property has made us so stupid and one-sided that an object is only ours when we have it, when it exists for us as Capital (Marxism) or when we directly possess, eat, drink, wear, inhabit it, etc., in short, when we use it. […] Therefore all the physical and intellectual senses have been replaced by the simple estrangement of all these senses - the sense of having.

…and removal of private property is the “emancipation” of our senses

The supersession of private property is therefore the complete emancipation of all human senses and attributes […] The senses have therefore become theoreticians in their immediate praxis. They relate to the thing for its own sake, but the thing itself is an objective human relation to itself and to man, and vice-versa.

Emancipation of the Senses

The socialized and trained “senses” determine the progress of the species-being

Therefore this relationship reveals in a sensuous form, reduced to an observable fact, the extent to which the human essence has become nature for man or nature has become the human essence for man. It is possible to judge from this relationship the entire level of development of mankind. It follows from the character of this relationship how far man as a speciesbeing, as man, has become himself and grasped himself

This material, immediately sensuous private property is the