Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree Course Substitutions for CS Majors or Minors Graduation with Distinction

Prerequisites (Done)

  • One of the following introductory COMPSCI courses or equivalent:
    • COMPSCI 101L (Introduction to Computer Science)
    • COMPSCI 102 (Interdisciplinary Introduction to Computer Science)
    • COMPSCI 116 (Foundations of Data Science)
  • MATH 111L (Introductory Calculus I) or equivalent
  • MATH 112L (Introductory Calculus II) or equivalent

Base Requirements (Done)

  • COMPSCI 201 (Data Structures and Algorithms)
  • ==COMPSCI 230 (Discrete Math for Computer Science) see substitutions==
  • COMPSCI 250 (Computer Architecture)
  • COMPSCI 330 (Design & Analysis of Algorithms)

One Of the following COMPSCI Courses on Systems: (Done)

  • COMPSCI 310 (Introduction to Operating Systems) or 510 (Advanced Operating Systems)
  • COMPSCI 316 (Introduction to Databases) or 516 (Database Systems)
  • COMPSCI 350 (Digital Systems, cross-listed as ECE 350) or 550 (Advanced Computer Architecture, cross-listed as ECE 552)
  • COMPSCI 351 (Computer Security) or 551 (Advanced Computer Security)*
  • COMPSCI 356 (Computer Network Architecture) or 514 (Computer Networks)

Two Courses in MATH/STA: (Done)

  • One STA course at or above STA 111**, including the cross-listed MATH 230
  • One of MATH 202, 216, 218, or 221***

Five Electives at 200-level or Higher (beyond Those Counted towards the Requirements above): (1 left)

  • Three COMPSCI courses that are not independent study courses

    • CS 334 Formal Languages
    • CS 545 Algorithmic game theory
    • ??
  • Two in COMPSCI (independent study possible), MATH, STA, or a related area approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies

    • Math 212 (this is allowed, see below)
    • STAT 432 Stat. Inference & Learning

Both courses have been offered as a 290 and 590 course with the same name, and will satisfy this requirement.

  • STA 111 will not be offered after Summer 2020. We recommend you take STA 199 or higher.

**MATH 212 does not count towards this requirement, but can count towards an elective.