Pyokyeong Son

Pyokyeong Son   손표경

  한국어 日本語   

Korean, from Japan, in America.

Majoring  Comp. Sci. Economics

Interests  Design Math Writing

Saint Maur Int'l    Class of 2019

Duke University    Class of 2025

CS & Math | Projects

  Computational Mathematics, Automated Theorem Proving

Exploration of Fundamental Mathematics via Implementation of Common Axiom Systems and Proof Generation

  Machine Learning, Optimization

Evaluation of Optimization Algorithms for Machine Learning Applications


Mathematics of Deciphering the Enigma Machine

CS & Math | Skills

Front End Web Development React, JQuery, Javascript, HTML&CSS.
Front-End Web Dev

Linux SysAdmin

C, Java, Python, Wolfram Language, Swift, HTML & CSS, Bash

Writing | Academic

2019.12. Focus 195FS — Music, Medicine and Natural Science

The Reflection of Renaissance Humanism in East Asian Philosophy from an Artistic, Medical, and Musical Perspective of Korea

2020.04. Writing 101 — Myth of Meritocracy

The Myth of Meritocracy and False Hope in Korean College Admissions and Preparation

2019.07. IB Japanese Language and Literature

羅生門 Alt.


2019 Summer Internship

Sprout Email Newsletter - Web Design & Branding

Design Guide

Newsletter Design



User Interface

2020 Summer Internship

Cydoc Medical Notes - Web Design & Branding

Logo Iterations


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